Církev, kde se cítíš doma | HOME, Ostrava Poruba, Mongolská 1529

Church where it feels like home

Church where it feels like home

Welcome HOME

Our meetings

Sunday meeting (contemporary church service) from 4:00 PM till 5:30 PM

Adventure and fun activities (barbecue, sports, trips, laser game, board games, talks and talkshows) – see the calendar

Weekend stay at a cottage – every 3 months

Prayer meetings – see the calendar


Here for the 1st time

Can I come even if I am not a believer?

Of course! We will be glad to meet you! Our door is open and we would like everyone to experience the atmosphere of safety here – regardless of skin colour, age, lifestyle up to now, sexual orientation, or beliefs.

Where does the Sunday church service take place?

In our HOME meeting point in the Koruna Pub building (in Poruba district).

Find the detailed address at the bottom, including the satnav via GoogleMaps.

What does actually happen during the Sunday church service?

For the first 30 minutes (from 4:00 PM) there is refreshments, some tea and coffee, and time to chat. Then there are usually 2 worship/praise songs, inspirational sermon from the Bible (on a topical issue with the emphasis onto a real life application) and a brief prayer. After that, there is still some space  of time to hang out together and have a chat – if you feel like staying a little longer. We usually finish by 6:00 PM.

Is there any dress code required?

No. This is actually up to you. The overalll style of our church service is rather non-formal. 

Will there be anything expected from me? If yes, what?

Nothing, unless you would like to get actively involved. By the way, there are both extrovers and introvers among us 😉 So, it is perfectly OK if you prefer “just to sit a little aside” and observe. And in the same way, if you are interested, we will be glad to chat with you! It is really up to you.

Could we come with kids?

Yes, absolutely! During the church service, there is a separate program for kids (age 4-12). Parents with younger kids could use the smaller room (playroom).

Does it make sense to come if I don’t speak Czech?

Yes! We speak English and we welcome foreigners among us!! The Sunday church service is interpreted into English (possibly even into Russian). Just let us know ahead of time, please.

What do you believe as the church?

The foundation of our faith in God is the person of Jesus Christ. He came into our world in the form of a man (this is described by the New Testament). Jesus fully revealed God and His love towards all of us. In connection with this, Jesus sacrificed Himself for each one of us – for our failures and guilt – and by His death and resurrection He has fully opened for us people the access to the presence of God – our real HOME. By faith in Him and following Him, our sins are forgiven and we are given great hope, which greatly influences both our present life and also reaches over into the future.

We are a part of the Apoštolská církev denomination (oficially registred in Czechia) and globally of the Assemblies of God, so we belong to protestant – evangelical pentecostal churches.


Why is HOME the name of the church?

When people think of “church”, for most people there is some association, a certain image. For a lot of people in Czechia, this would often be a negative connotation or a feeling of indifference.

Why have we decided to name this local church plant as HOME, when for some Czech people this could actually be the very last association with a church?

It is based on our belief that the idea of HOME is deeply connected with who the Lord God is. Based on Jesus’ teaching – to God it matters above all that our relationships (with God and as people with one another) would be originated on real love.

What if the local church was an enriching community, where various people, in various life stages, in various life circumstances, could be experiencing together the love of Jesus and being inspired to a joyful and meaningful life?

This is why we have this dream – to be building the church as HOME.

We offer

counselling (interpersonal relationships, personality development, how to learn foreign languages, financial literacy)
Also, we could just have a nice chat over a cup of tea/coffee and will be pleased to hear your story.
prayer (for any life circumstances)
Bible course: Foundations of Christian faith (and preparation towards baptism for those who are interested)
Czech language course (for foreigners)